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My father, Joseph Walsh, started collecting sports memorabilia in 1953 when he was a young kid. He started with sports clippings because of the lack of money and space in a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx where his family of six resided. There are many interesting stories about how annoyed people used to get when they sat down to read their paper and there was a hole in it because he had removed a sports article. He told me how terribly angry my grandfather, God rest his soul, was after he discovered he could not get the prior day's race results because my father was at home with the clipping from his paper in his back pocket. Thank God he did not hold a grudge and prevent the marriage to my mother, Terri Walsh (née Vericker), which is the reason I am your host tonight. I am the youngest of their five children.

My father began collecting the autographed sports memorabilia you see around you when he and my mother moved into a private home in 1972. It was always suggested to my father that he should share with others what he had collected. He did not know how until now.

While The Stadium was being built, he reflected on his happy years living in the Bronx and when he attended Cardinal Hayes High School and Iona College. During the summers, his family went to Rockaway Beach where he met my mother. He often tells me about the baseball, basketball, football, softball and stickball games he played in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Yonkers and all around Westchester. He sometimes laughs out loud when he thinks of the guys he used to play with over the years and the many funny and wacky things that took place on the ball field. As a result of these fond memories, he wanted me to include their names in the menu, together with the statements that he remembers them using.

We sincerely hope that we have encouraged you to take a walk down your own memory lane...

James Walsh

Mickey Mantle's 1956 Triple Crown Trophy

Mantle was the most powerful switch hitter in baseball. He won 3 Most Valuable Player awards. He led the Yankees to 12 World Series in his 14 seasons as a Yankee and was a 16 time All-Star.

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